Mothers' Ministry:


Antioch East Baptist Church:

The Church Mothers' are important to the Body of Christ. Mothers' are to be leaders for the younger women of the church and support the Pastor, and the Church. Church Mothers are to be good examples for the general population of the church as well. Church Mothers' are to be committed and prayerful. They are to be humble, faithful, joyful, content and confident. They are to intercede with praises and prayers for the church, and render hospitality to guest churches.

Mothers' are presented to the Pastor, trained according to the church expectations of a mother, and officially installed. The AEBC Mothers' flower is the yellow rose.


Mother Elizabeth Patterson: Chair

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Mother Martha Beal: Vice-Chair

Mother Mary Carithers: Secretary

Mother Eloise Leach: Advisor
Mother Lois Battle

Mother Carole A. Bryant
Mother Sophie L. Carey
Mother Philopena Davis

Mother Dorothy Gates
Mother Jessie M. Hargrove
Mother Helen Johnson

Mother Barbara M. Luke

Mother Emily Lumpkin
Mother Daisy Mason
Mother Elizabeth McClarin
Mother Brenda Miller
Mother Wanda Miller
Mother Willie M. Murray
Mothers Rosa Nelson

Mother Genora E. Parker
Mother Trina Ross

Mother Dorothy L. Russell
Mother Doris Stembridge
Mother Barbara Warren
Mother Thelma White

Mother Rose Wiley
Mother Janie P. Wright

Mother Joyce M. Wright