Sunday School Mission:

The purpose of this school is to teach the Bible with proper interpretation for larger spiritual growth, deeper commitment, and to witness to the lost. The Sunday School is where we gain Biblical knowledge through study.

Antioch East Sunday School, begins each Sunday Morning at 9:15 AM-10:15 AM.


Mother Wanda Miller: Superintendent

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  • Phoebe Crockett Beginners: Dr. Yvonne Carey.

  • Mother Wanda Miller Primary: Mother Wanda Miller, Sis. Barbara Sneed.

  • Lettie Harper Juniors: Mother Janie Wright.

  • Alfred Davis: Rev. Jamese Beauford.

  • James Sullen Intermediate: Dea. Kenneth Sneed, Sis. Patricia Smith.

  • Poythress Memorial: Rev. Earlene Beach.

  • Turner Men's Bible Class: Bro. David Thurmond, Rev. Jerome Carithers.

  • New Members: Sis. Nellie Smith, Dea. Carroll Mapp,  Dea.  Javarous Byrd.

  • S. P. Patterson: Dea. Inos Patterson, Bro. Michael Patterson.

  • Mother Eloise Leach Women Adult Bible Class: Mother Eloise Leach, Mother Trina Ross, Min. Linda McWhorter and Sis. Genora Elizabeth Parker.

Sunday School Staff and Teachers

Mother Wanda Miller Primary

Teachers: Mother Wanda Miller:

Superintendent & Sis. Barbara Sneed

Turner Men's Bible Class

Teacher: Bro. David Thurmond

Janie and Jai-Nye-11-19-2017-small_edite

Lettie Harper Juniors

Teachers: Mother Janie Wright, Sis. Jai'Nye Beauford

S. P. Patterson Class

Teachers: Dea. Inos Patterson

Sis. Dorothy Russell

Mother Eloise Leach Women Class

Teachers: Mother Eloise Leach, Rev. Linda McWhorter, Sis. Elizabeth Parker,

Mother Trina Ross

Sullen Intermediate Class

Teachers: Dea. Kenneth Sneed

Sis. Patricia Smith

Phoebe Crockett Beginners

Teacher: Dr. Yvonne Carey Culbreath

Alfred Davis Teacher:
Rev. Jamese Beauford
rev earlene beach-7-22-18_edited.jpg

Poythress Memorial Class

Teacher: Rev. Earlene Beach

Interim Asst. Superintendent

Sis. Peggy A. Harrison

Dorothy L. Russell.jpg

Sunday School Secretary

Sis. Dorothy Russell