Pastor's Aid Ministry:

The mission and aim of the Pastor's Aid Ministry is to serve God in the beauty of holiness.  To this end our worship also includes service and it is our aim to offer support primarily to God's appointed servant and the entire church.  In all things we strive to have God glorified!

                                       Ministry  Members:


Denise Black                                    Marie Brewer

Tropzsy Brewer                              Virginia Burford

Barbara Carey                                 John Cherry – President

Ramona Clark                                Dr. Yvonne Culbreath

Peggy Harrison                               Manuel Jackson

Mother Helen Johnson                  Betty Kelly

Mother Eloise Leach                      Valerie Lloyd

Dr. Denise Mapp                            Mother Brenda Miller

Gwendolyn Morton                       Mother Rose Wiley

2nd Pastoral Anniversary Worship Service and Diner coordinated

by The Pastor’s Aid Ministry. February 24, 2019

Antioch East Baptist Church CopyRight Reserved