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Praise Dance Ministry Mission Statement:

The purpose of the Praise Dance Ministry is to display a physical interpretation of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit expressed in bodily movements. These movements will express praise, worship, edification, prayer and penitence to God. The Praise Dancers, dance to worship our Lord--lifting themselves, the body of Christ and any others watching into a state of edification with the use of all our being in worship and praise. It is the sincerest demonstration of our faith, which we aim to be nurtured, developed and matured through this ministry.

We are open to receive dancers of all ages, and it is not a requirement that you have danced before but that you have the heart of a Worshipper so that God can transform your willing spirit into perfected praise through dance.

Karen Gayle Coordinator 

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Antioch East Praise Dance Ministry. Women's Day 2018