Trustee Ministry Duties and Responsibility


The Trustee Ministry is to ensure that church property is properly maintained to provide an atmosphere conducive to the spiritual growth of our members. The ministry areas of responsibility include: Legal matters, insurance, property & equipment, bequests, financial and investment, and strategic planning.

Mission Statement:

The Trustee Ministry is committed to: Effectively managing and maintaining all church property. To providing a clean, safe and secure place of worship where members and visitors can experience a spirit filled worship. So that God will be glorified, lives are changed, the community is better served and the world will know that Jesus is Lord.


Dea. James Smith: Chairman
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Dea. Alvin Clark: Vice Chairman


Sis. Virginia Buford: Secretary

  • Dea. Alvin Clark: Church Architect, Building Committee Chairman, Out Reach Project.

  • Dea. Willie Crawford: Church Equipment tracking, Storage facilities, Outreach Project.

  • Dea. Carroll Mapp: Church Security, Outreach Project.

  • Mother Wander Miller: All church transportation matters.  

  • Mother Janie Wright: All contracting for church repairs.

>All insurance matters relating to church property and employees, crisis management
>Human resource manager, Out Reach Chairperson