A church thriving, surviving, and glorifying the good news around the world, we are experiencing a time of intense renewal and transforming lives through virtual outreach and ministry.

Church Staff

Rev. Jim E. Howard
Pastor Emeritus
Rev. Earlene Beach
Associate Minister
Rev. William Beach
Associate Minister
Rev. Jamese Beauford
Associate Minister
Rev. Jerome Carithers
Associate Minister
Rev. Sharon A. Harden
Associate Minister
Rev. Emmett McCord
Associate Minister
Rev. Charlotte McCord
Associate Minister
Rev. Linda McWhorter
Associate Minister
Niyoutha Ross
Rev. James Slaughter
Musician & Minister of Music
Mother Mary Carithers
Church Clerk
Theresa Wells
Administrative Assistant


Deacon Carroll Mapp, Chairman  
Deacon Javarros Byrd, co-Chair  
Deacon Darryl B. Beauford
Deacon Anthony Bradley
Deacon Donald Brown
Deacon James Brownlee  
Deacon Ramon Bryant
Deacon Jesse Carson    
Deacon Alvin C. Clark  
Deacon Willie Crawford
Deacon LeRoy Glass
Deacon Gary Hargrove  
Deacon Roy Harper
Deacon Joseph Luke  
Deacon John Morton  
Deacon Herman Parks  
Deacon Inos Patterson, Jr.  
Deacon Willie Ray  
Deacon Amos Ross  
Deacon Donald Sellers, Sr.  
Deacon Kenneth Sneed  
Deacon James Terrell
Deacon Tim Turner  
Deacon Takia Walton  
Deacon Nathaniel Wheeler  
Deacon Alonzo Wright